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We continue to hunger for answers. I've personally been asking these questions since I was 11 years old and continue to ask them. However over the years the nature of my questing has taken me from an intellectual preoccupation with the question to an emotional experience of accord and harmony. In fact the experience of "experiencing" harmony has now transcended all possible questions. But I remain supremely grateful for all those questions because without questions I would never have arrived to this place of accord! Like most people I live with uncertainty on a daily basis but I have grown to love uncertainty. The ability to stay in a place of uncertainty has become very freeing. I have replaced my need to know with a need to be "in the moment." When I live from this place of one-pointed concentration in the now, my life becomes well-centered, harmonious and beautifully balanced. Everything that I need comes to me in the perfect space-time continuum and I have learned to trust in this place of centeredness. All my life I have longed for the experience of peace and tranquility. And without entering a monastery, I found out that by participating in sacred ceremonies, the experience of serenity was mine. God is available 24 hours a day.


When I lived and worked as a public school teacher with the Kitwancool nation of Canada, I participated in many of their sweat lodges and Healing Circles along with the K'San and neighboring Haida nation of The Queen Charlotte Islands. Later I travelled to Uxmal and Chichén Itzá in the Yucatan to learn more about Mayan star lore and funerary rituals. My journey has taken me to the Hawaiian Islands to learn the ancient Polynesian ceremonies of the Kahunas and in particular their Ho'opono'pono traditions for sacred and soulful living. One very cold and inky black night, on the top of Maui's highest peak, Haleakala, with the help of a sympathetic Canadian astronomer working the night shift at the Canadian/French/Hawaiian Observatory, I had the privilege to view over three thousand stars with my own eyes. Now that was a sacred ceremony.


So what is a Sacred Ceremony? If you were to ask a Buddhist, our entire life should be lived as if it were a sacred ceremony. This means investing 100% of your self in whatever you are doing. If we lived like that, then we would be living a life of sacredness and therefore everything would become a ceremony. In Asia we have the Tea ceremony. Such grace and loveliness in the preparation of a simple pot of tea. In India, when you enter a Hindu home as a guest you are a visiting diety and you feel it, by God, by the way they treat you. It is a recognition of the divinity within you and of the divinity within your hosts. This kind of greeting is nothing like we experience in the West.


When guests enter my home, I always greet them with a ringing of bells. I love so many things but being a Taurus I most especially enjoy preparing beautiful food for friends and family. It is not uncommon for me to spend at least an entire day if not more dedicated solely to the preparing, cooking and presentation of the meal. My day becomes a sacred ceremony of love, fun and joy. I allow Universal energies to flow through me and I literally get "juiced" way before the wine begins to flow. That is sacred ceremony. Lifting the mundane to the divine. Wherever I am, I freely offer Healing Circles to all who come. The ceremony always depends on the prevailing energy currents at play, the needs of the group as a whole and of course, how I feel that day. The details of any Healing Circle or event will always be announced here under SPECIAL EVENTS.


I lived in Ecuador for over a decade starting in December 1996 and in that time and with many groups and individuals, we celebrated the Spring and Fall Equinox and the Winter and Summer Solstice all over that amazing country. We've been everywhere. We've had ceremonies on active volcanoes, like Pichincha and Cotopaxi. We've been in the northern jungles along the border within earshot of the FARC guerillas of Colombia. We've celebrated and danced in the dawn all along the celebrated "Ruta del Sol" of the spectacluar province of Manabi along Ecuador's most glorious sun-drenched province.  I have so many happy memories of Ecuador's warm, sparkling, turquoise waters. We've celebrated summer solstice 10,000 feet up in the volcanic thermal healing waters of Papallacta and even had special ceremonies at Cochasquí, Ecuador's Incan Pyramids. The site is open to the public and each time we've held a sacred ceremony the site was closed to the public just so our group could explore, enjoy and generate healing energy for ourselves and the planet.


Currently I am living in Canada and working with clients all over the globe thanks to the power of the internet and SKYPE.  If you are drawn to my work and manner of communicating, please feel free to book a session online. I would be honoured to be your guide.


On September 4th, 2004, I had the honour of joining in matrimony Fernanda Vinueza and Houtan Jalili. The radiant couple wrote me this after the wedding. "We celebrated the promise of our love in our very special way. Kory celebrated our dream, understanding, and our personal wish. It turned out to be very profound, loving and sensitive. We felt that it was the perfect celebration to start out life together.  Her voice had a calming effect in an otherwise anxious moment to comfort us so we could enjoy our day. Her participation after the ceremony was certainly appreciated and added to the joviality shared by our family and friends.


Fernanda and Houtan Married on September 04, 2004 in Quito – Ecuador


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