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Kory Varlen's astrology is a wonderful gift I give myself as often as I can. I love her wise interpretation of the stars, the transits , eclipses and her specialty the solar and lunar returns. Her ability to describe the subtle energies and sometimes not so subtle energies that are at play in my life is refreshing. I do not run my life or decisions based on astrology but I certainly use the information regarding the energies that are influencing me as a useful information source.

Kory's delightful presentations of my chart and its subsequent transits and returns have blessed my life for more than 20 years. What a gift.

Paulette Psychotherapist West Vancouver B.C. Canada
Kory was introduced into my life at the exact moment when I needed some light to guide my path. I was trying to find myself and understand what I am here for, and just then the universe decided that it was time for me to meet Kory. With her astrological work, she has helped me understand how and why I am what I am. She has helped me see why things have happened and are happening to me. I now have a clearer picture of where I am supposed to be headed, and she has also showed me how to make that journey easier. Once you look deeply inside yourself, you will find that all you need to know in being able to help you find it on your own. Her healing work is just fabulous! Every time I leave her house after a healing session, the world glows intensly. All the energy knots in my body are untangled and I feel my frictionless flow through the universe. This is one of the key steps in becoming centered within yourself, and deep insights about myself and life always arise when I am in this pure state. Kory has the gift of healing, and I seriously recommend her healing sessions as they are superb! order to live happily and lovingly is within you. No one can teach you or show you this, but Kory has the gift of healing.
Juan M. Garcia Student Melbourne, Australia
Astrology through Kory has been a foundation for many of my important decisions. Kory's guidance and awareness has given me insights into my character and personality at critical times. This additional knowledge has often made the difference in how I approched an issue. Kory has also given me comfort in accepting events and patterns in my life, an awareness of the cycles that we sometimes must endure to learn and heighten our own journey. Kory will help you perceive your difficulties and joys in the most supportive way. She continues to be a wonderful addition to my life"
Alix , P.E.I. Canada
I just wanted to write a little note to tell you what an amazing astrologist you are, you are absolutely accurate, it is actually quite scary, our timers regarding >>>>> were right. You are just unbelievable, congratulations, you are my forever guide and counsellor. I love you Kory, thanks, very very much.
Your devoted admirer
Sol Psychotherapist Sweden
I met Kory Varlen two years ago in Quito, Ecuador while in assignment for National Geographic Adventure magazine. My photographer partner and I met her outside of the South American Adventure's Club and I was instantly drawn in by her smile, open eyes and her insights as an ex-pat living in a country she called "the face of God." Back at her apartment -- an abode littered with drying rose petals -- she ran my astrological chart and shocked me with a series of startling insights. Given that my astrology expertise runs to three line epithets I read in the local newspaper, I was amazed by the hard science aspect of this cultivated art. And more impressed by her ability to interpret the information she read from my chart. Kory's insights ran deep. I highly encourage anyone eager to learn more about astrology to consult with this wise and loving woman.
Joe Glickman Freelance journalist Brooklyn, N.Y.
"Already I have known Kory for over 25 years and I can say with confidence that she is 'simply the best'. She has consistently been invaluable in both my personal and business life. Regrettably, there were times when I didn't listen to her and paid handsomely for my obstinance."
Lance Shaler President Sci-Com Data Services Ltd. Canada
"…as predicted, I was offered a position in the UK in late 1985 and things have gone so well we are now expanding all over the world."
Michael S. Clark Global Economist Herts, England
I am always impressed by what Kory has to say. I find all her skills as a Healer, Shaman, Astrologer and Intuitive practical and effective. She accurately outlines all the ups and downs of my life.
Jack Horner Editor/Publisher Honolulu, Hawaii
Kory Varlen is the most gifted Astrologer I have ever known. She is amazing! She gives me balance and insight and then it's up to me.
Rebecca Simone Velasquez Author/Sculptor/Painter Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Congratulations, your webpage is wonderful, I am very proud of you!!!!
Angy Vinueza, Programs Director, AYUSA Ecuador
I have so many people to be grateful to but there is one special person that has helped me to discover hidden assets within me that I didn't even know existed. She is a constant source of inspiration and energy to me, and perhaps more importantly, my guide to see things more clearly, read signs, and utilize what is already there. Actually, in a way you could say that she has helped me to change my future to what I believe was actually meant to happen in the first place. Her name is Kory Varlen.
Erik Olsson, CEO, redtienda corp.


Hello Kory,

In the late '80s I met with you for an astrology reading. At that time you told me that I would have a cure from a Western Practitioner, namely an Ayurvedic Practitioner. Not being familiar with the terminology, I wrote it on a notepad for safe keeping.

While visiting Sri Lanka, my daughter & I stopped in at a place called the Spice Garden, where spices and herbs that we see on our grocery shelves are grown. It was here that a Doctor of Ayurvedic medicine prescribed a tonic and topical ointment for my severe asthma.

One month later after following his instructions, I am delighted to say that I no longer have asthma! That was Nov. 1998. I have not had any recurrence, and have been totally free of any symptoms since that time.

Last week I was readying for a yard sale and came across an audio tape and my hand-written note. In addition to the asthma cure, I was astonished at the number of things that you had told me that have happened. You definitely have a gift Kory, and from your website, it's wonderful to see how you have dedicated your life to helping others. Keep up the good work!

Sylvia, B.C. Canada

I received the tape last night and it was electrifying! Thanks so much for all of your work on it. I have had astrology readings before but really feel like you do *excellent* work. I will be referring you to everyone I know!

...thanks again for some much needed perspective, and affirmation of stuff that yes, I kind of knew / hoped for but it's always good to have reinforced. Take care, sm.

Shandi from London


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